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Kevin A. Yelvington
Department of Anthropology
University of South Florida
(813) 974-0582
I wonder if you can help me. I am an anthropologist at the University of South Florida and I have been doing research on anthropologist Jack Sargent Harris (1912-2008), who served in the OSS in West Africa in 1942-43 and then in South Africa in 1943-45. I met and interviewed Harris in 2005 and published a life history interview. See Kevin A. Yelvington, “A Life In and Out of Anthropology: An Interview with Jack Sargent Harris,” Critique of Anthropology, Vol. 28 No. 4 (2008), pp. 446-76.

In this interview, he talked briefly about his OSS experiences. A friend of Ralph Bunche and an Africa expert, he volunteered immediately after Pearl Harbor. Harris and anthropologist William Bascom were sent to Accra and then to Lagos. Harris left West Africa with malaria and then when he was well enough he trained at "the Farm" and elsewhere and remembered being taught hand-to-hand combat techniques by William "Dan" Fairbairn. Then he was sent to South Africa under cover as attache to the US legation there.

I am looking to conduct more research on Harris, including on his OSS career. I am looking for anyone who might remember him in training or from operations or who would have read his reports from the field and who would like to share reminiscences. I would also be glad to hear from historians who would have any suggestions on how I might trace his career through archival records. I would be most grateful for any assistance.
My father, E. Merle Glunt, worked with and for the FCC since WWII. He was the senior radio intercept analyst in the Radio Intelligence Division of the FCC, specializing in worldwide German espionage radio communications radio and Philippine guerrilla radio circuits among others. He had been the FCC R.I.D. liaison with the OSS and British Security Coordination. He retired from FCC in 1974 as Assistant Chief Engineer and went on to be a consultant with ARRL. I am finishing my father's autobiography and would appreciate any help from OSS historians about his work.
I am seeking surviving OG veterans of missions in France to interview for a documentary and book. I'm also interested in memoirs, diaries, notes or photos of such OG France missions. This project has already received a Fulbright Grant from the American Embassy in France and over 15 hours of interviews and other material have been gathered, but we're sorely lacking first-hand accounts from surviving veterans. I'm a former ABC News writer and producer & a Stanford alumnus now living in southwestern France.
Information is being sought about the officers and secretaries who served in the OSS Field Photo Branch, which was based in the South Agriculture building in Washington, DC, and about the men and women assigned to its War Crimes Unit and sent to Germany to locate and prepare film evidence for the Nuremberg trial between June and December 1945.
I am an author searching for information about Jane Foster, who joined the OSS in 1943 and worked in Moral Operations in Ceylon. In 1945 she was sent to Java after the surrender of the Japanese to report on the political situation in Indonesia. She left OSS in 1946 and went to New York. She lived the rest of her life in Paris where she died in 1979. She was good friends with both Betty McIntosh and Julia (McWilliams) Child. In 1954 she was accused of being a spy and was later indicted for "conspiracy to commit espionage." I would appreciate any information, tidbits or leads.
Matt Fletcher
Assistant Producer, Diverse Bristol
tel +44 117 906 9378
mbl +44 780 181 6222
I’m working on an adventure/survival TV show and hope to film on Hainan in October. Much of our show revolves around survival techniques that could keep you alive should you find yourself lost in the wilderness. The environment changes in each episode, but we always draw on the techniques used either by local people (for Hainan this will be the Li) or during any military conflict. We also discuss historical accounts of survival and adventure.

On Hainan we’ll be heading into the mountainous rainforests in the centre and hopefully drawing on the stories of Li resistance leader Wang Guoxing and famous communist leader Feng Bauji, both of whom fought both the nationalists and the Japanese during the 30s and 40s.

I’ve been digging into the stories of these characters and stumbled across a vague reference:
that suggested both movements had some help from the OSS during their fight against the Japanese. Could you confirm if this is true?! If so I’d really appreciate a few minutes of your time for a chat over the phone to discuss this.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing form you.
Judith Lu

Judith Lu, head of the Collections Services at the Asian Division of the Library of Congress, is organizing a tribute to the unsung heroes of World War II. She is trying to locate Asian American women who served in OSS to participate in this program.
Peer Henrik Hansen
I am currently working on my english version of my book on OSS and US intelligence in Scandinavia 1943-46. I desperately need photo material to illustrate the fascinating story about the OSS in Stockholm and its involvement in intelligence operations into Denmark, Norway and Germany. If anyone have pictures (with connection to OSS in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany) that they would like to share, I would be most delighted.
Guy Wiltfang
CW3 Ret.
I visited the Flossenburg KZ last Sunday. It was a very moving and unsettling day. While there, I saw something that made me wonder if I can add figures up right anymore. I am trying to find out the names of all U.S. service members who were executed or incarcerated in the Flossenburg KZ. I saw a memorial tablet with a Lt. V.A. Soskice, U.S. Army (attached SOE) listed as being executed on 29 March, 1945 along with 10-12 Brits, all SOE. I also saw a tablet listing two unnamed U.S. Flyers. The tablet was from the Association of Polish Veterans in what’s called the Garden of Nations. I found a statement from a Mr. A. Mottet (Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team), made shortly after the camp was liberated. In his statement he said he met (he was in the next cell) a Lt. John Sullivan, U.S. Army, who was also executed there. In the chapel built since the end of the war, by Polish ex prisoners, another memorial tablet lists two Americans (anonymous flyers?) as having died in the camp. The numbers do not add up. So, I am looking to figure out why. Then some of us retired soldiers will start taking care of the U.S. monuments at the camp. So far, I have not been able to find much information, and the Flossenburg information email address is no good. I may be grasping at straws here, but perhaps you can help me out? I will take the time now to thank you for any help, or clues you might be able to give me.
Peer Henrik Hansen
Ph.D. in History

Ejboparken 59,
4000 Roskilde
Cell phone: +4561103850
I am currently developing a research project about the use of intelligence in World War I. It will deal with neutral Denmark caught between its two most important trading partners Germany and Great Britain.

The Danish intelligence service secretly took sides in the conflict and helped the British intelligence service despite warnings from the Danish government. Copenhagen seems to have been a espionage center during WWI much like Stockholm was it during WWII. It is this story I am trying to dig deeper into.

I am hoping that someone can help me with the following issues.

1) Are you aware of any specialists dealing with intelligence during WWI?

2) Are you familiar with any international research networks dealing with WWI studies?
John Whiteclay
Chambers II
Professor of History

Rutgers University
16 Seminary Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1108

Rutgers History Department Phone

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Request for Information about Louis Austin O'Jibway
OSS SO and OG in the Far East in World War II
US Army major in Korea in 1950s
CIA in Southeast Asia in 1960s until his death in 1965

For an updated, revised, and abridged version of my 2008 report for the National Park Service on "OSS Training in the National Parks and Service Overseas in World War II," I am requesting information from anyone in the OSS or CIA who knew an American Indian from Michigan named Louis Austin O'Jibway.

"Jib" trained at Areas F and A and served in the OSS Arakan Field Service Unit out of Ceylon raiding the Burma coast in 1944.

In 1945, Lieutenant O'Jibway helped train OSS Chinese Commandos in Iliang near Kunming, and then was part of the 10th Chinese Commando ("Banana") under Capt. George Gunderman.

In July and early August 1945, the 8th, 9th, and 10th OSS Chinese Commandos engaged in the "Blackberry" Mission under Capt. Arthur ("Art") Frizzell to recapture an airfield in Tanchuk in Kwangsi Province from the Japanese.

I have read the information on the OSS OG website on this mission, but am looking for more information from Art Frizzell and others who helped train the OSS Chinese Commandos at Iliang or who went on the Blackberry Mission in July-August 1945 in Kwangsi.

In addition, I would appreciate any information about Louis Austin O'Jibway's postwar career as U.S. Army major in Korea in the mid-1950s and with the CIA in Southeast Asia in the early 1960s, up to his work in Laos and his death in an Air America helicopter crash from Laos in the Mekong River in 1965.

Terry Burke was reportedly one of O'Jibway's good friends in Southeast Asia, and I would appreciate hearing from him or anyone else who knew Louis Austin O'Jibway either in Ceylon, Burma or China in World War II or in Korea or Southeast Asia after World War II.
Christopher S.
I'm writing a book that has a section in it about Theodore Morde, a former OSS officer. Early on, he was a member of the COI and later he joined the Maritime Unit, where he worked with the frogmen. I'd like to better understand the OSS in order to write more clearly about Mr. Morde's life with the group. Is there anyone in the OSS society who could help me? I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

As for some background on me, I am a writer in New York and have worked for The New York Times Magazine, The Paris Review, GQ, and Harper's, among many others.
Christopher Moran
I am currently pursuing post-doctoral research at Warwick University in the United Kingdom. My present project explores the phenonmenon of OSS and CIA memoirs. I have explored the private papers of Richard Helms, Allen Dulles, Lyman Kirkpatrick and William Colby.

Q. Are you aware of any OSS memoirists who have private private papers/archival materials based in the US? Any help in this respect would be greatly appreciated.
Catherine Hiesiger
My husband, Asher Hiesiger, was in OSS in Germany. I would very much appreciate a way for him to reconnect to his fellow OSS members. He is now 88-years-old and quite vibrant.
Howard Dunlap
In doing a bit of reminiscing over former days, I discovered The OSS Society, Inc, after being out of touch with the OSS for some 64 years. Shame on me.

I served with that celebrated agency from January 1944 through August 1945, having been invited to join them by virtue of my experience in electronics and communications, plus, not incidentally, my ability to copy and send morse code, self taught.

During my training at Area C, delightful it was, I was crowned as having the best "fist" in the OSS, sending and copying code at 37 wpm - but not for speed alone, a friend could copy press at 75 wpm, but for rhythm in sending it, the acid test.

In June 1944 I arrived in Henley Along the Thames, England. There I spent the rest of time with the OSS in communications and cryptography. The crowning event was receiving by dit-dot-dash the location of the German jet planes, parked along an Autobahn (our freeways). Within that very hour the 8th Air Force bombers were on their way.

One thing still bothers me a bit, in prying into the past, is the exact replicate of the suitcase radio/transmitter I used during those clandestine days. None I've seen displayed on the OSS websites is the one I remember using, and I have a sharp memory recall.
Carolyn Quinn
I have been researching the life of Rose Thompson Hovick, the mother of actresses June Havoc and Gypsy Rose Lee and the main character in the musical "Gypsy," in order to write her biography. I understand at one time Rose lived with "Wild Bill" Donovan's niece, Patricia Donovan, in Valley Cottage, New York. How would I get in contact with the Donovan family?
Randy Harris
I am conducting research for a book I am writing on an OSS agent Frederic Brown (aka Tommy). He served with the OSS in Algiers and in southern France. I would greatly appreciate any information that anyone could share with me about him. I am pursuing several avenues of research for this project, but I would be particularly interested in speaking to anyone who knew Mr. Brown during service in the OSS or who had personal knowledge of him.